Earrings: Chicos; Rings: Mirina Collections; Sweater: Thakoon for DesigNation; Skinny Jeans: Old Navy; Booties: Simply Vera Vera Wang


I LOVE Fall.

I even wrote a Blog post last year about my love of Fall.

To me, it signifies change. Think about it. The leaves change their color. First they were alive and present, and now they are falling off and blowing away. The weather changes, too. Summertime is too hot to handle and now I find myself grabbing a light jacket or a thin sweater. Plenty of us change our hair to a darker hue or go with a new darker nail color (I’m thinking of switching from navy to plum). I have changed out my wardrobe and packed my sandals and unpacked my boots.

And I feel it’s now time to say there is yet another change on the horizon for me! I’m moving! Circumstances in my personal life are taking me down to North Carolina (where I have actually spent the past two months living anyways!). This also brings about more changes in regard to my career and home. And to be honest, a new home also means new home décor! Maybe some new throw pillows in a new color…and another bookshelf or two…and more shoe shelves…and shoes…definitely more boots…

I’m sorry, where was I?

I wanted this blog shoot to be taken outside. I wanted to see the change in nature. Feel the cool wind and know that I can do nothing to stop the change, so I might as well embrace it. I wanted to take in a deep breath and watch the leaves blow across the water. Like my life, I feel I need to go where the wind takes me and welcome the challenges and new adventures in front of me.

What’s life without a little change, right? It’s good for the mind and great for the soul. And wonderful for my closet…just kidding.