Sunglasses: Tahari; Earrings, Flip Flops, Floral and Stone Rings: LC Lauren Conrad; Lizard Ring: Jennifer Lopez; Gold Bands: Forever 21; Bar Necklace: Old Navy; Scarf (around wrist) and Palm Tree Charm: My Grandmother’s; Tee: Rock & Republic; Denim: DKNY Jeans; Clutch: Stella & Dot

Someone said something horrific to me the other day.

“Christmas is just right around the corner!”
Say what, now?
No, it’s not. It isn’t even close. It’s not even Fall! Why are we wishing time away? I cannot understand why, in the middle of Summer, people are looking forward to Winter.
Me? I’m taking in as much Summer as I can. I’m always trying to wear as much white as possible. It’s crisp and clean and bright, but who am I kidding? We all know I love pops of color, which is why I grabbed this scarf.
My grandmother was known for her scarves. She never left the house without one. She has been gone a couple years now, but I still take out her scarves and “play dress up.” For this blog shoot, I decided to wrap one around my wrist for a new look. And I LOVE the way the purple pops against not only the all white ensemble, but also my Stella & Dot clutch.
Is the print on this clutch not fabulous???
I love to add on Summery accessories (hence the botanical clutch) like this Palm Tree charm (also my grandmother’s), my nautical earrings and of course my LC Lauren Conrad flip flops.
Why are we thinking so far ahead? Sure, I’ll admit. Fall is my favorite season. And of course I love Christmas…but why rush this Summer? Why wish it away? I’m not. I refuse. I’m going to enjoy my Summer…and look stylish and fierce as I’m doing it!