Earrings: Nicole by Nicole Miller; Necklace, Gold and Beaded Bracelets, Cocktail Ring and Wristlet: Simply Vera Vera Wang; Faux Fur Vest: Jennifer Lopez; Tee: Rock & Republic; Skinny Cords and Slip On Sneakers: Gap; Rhinestone Bracelets: Swarovski

If you are sick of snow, raise your hand!

Even though I can’t see you, I know I am not alone in thinking this. A week ago we had like 8 inches of snow. Today the temperature hit 55. I’m doubtful it will last…days like this are just Spring’s way of teasing us. So I decided to have a fling with this Spring weather.

Pastels go with Spring like Body Con dresses go with Herve Leger. I was already wearing a white tee (you can never have enough!) and broke out my comfy Gap Always Skinny cords in this GORGEOUS pale periwinkle shade. I wish this would have been warm enough, but let’s be honest. The wind is still cold, so I went back into my closet and grabbed my Jennifer Lopez faux fur vest and slid on my Gap slip on sneakers. Perfect!

Eh…maybe not.

I want to sparkle. I want to shine. I’m feeling flirty, don’t forget. Some days I prefer simple jewelry. A chain with a charm or two. Perhaps a floral ring. Other days, like today, I want to stack up on jewelry. The more the better! Simply Vera Vera Wang at Kohl’s is perfect for days like this. Her jewelry line is gorgeous and fun. Her pieces never shy away from the spotlight. I basically have a Simply Vera section of my jewelry armoire (kidding…not really!) so I grabbed this necklace, bracelets (with the exception of two Swarovski stunners) and a cocktail ring.

You cannot get more sparkly than that!

I like this outfit. It’s simple with the casual rolled up cords and tee, yet a tad sophisticated with the faux fur vest and snakeskin wristlet. And as I walk out into the cloudless sky with rhinestones glistening in the sunlight, I give a little wink to Spring. Bring on the fling!