Moto Jacket: New York & Company; Dress: Banana Republic; Earrings and Rings: Stella & Dot; Flip Flops: LC Lauren Conrad

My mother has red hair and hazel eyes. I am blonde haired and grey eyed. So perhaps I didn’t get that from my mama.

My mother can prepare a five course meal and wins at Bridge. I grab take out and my card playing skills stop at Go Fish. So maybe I didn’t get that from my mama, either.

So what did I get from my mama?

Her love of fashion, for one.

She bought my first Vogue. She explained to me how Oleg Cassini dressed Jackie Kennedy and about the famed Le Smoking designed by Yves Saint Laurent. I learned all about heels and satchels and brooches. She taught me to pay attention to pinstripes (if the stripes did not match up perfectly at the seam, than it was poorly executed). She let me play with the accessories in her closet, my favorite first being a sparkly silver bottle bag with a chain, and my new favorite, a Coco Chanel bangle.

I was encouraged to learn about designers and their humble beginnings. She lent me books to educate myself and also encouraged me to go back to school and get a second Bachelor’s degree in Visual Merchandising. She taught me to look for clothing that properly fits and accentuates my figure. I learned that high cost does not always equate with high quality.

We’ve discussed Diana Vreeland, Twiggy and Bob Mackie. We both subscribe to the same fashion magazines and have gone together to bear witness upon the wardrobes of both Princess Diana and Princess Grace. We gab on the phone during red carpets and always discuss the fashion worn in a movie before the actual plot.

Needless to say, that’s not all I got from my mama. I have her strong will, her sarcasm and humor. I’m a tough cookie. I love to entertain. I love fresh flowers and sitting outside. I’m obsessed with the Royal Family and not so secretively wish to be a Princess. I love my family and I’m fiercely loyal. I will speak my mind and I have strong opinions, but I can also be loving and caring to a fault.

So I guess there’s lots of things I got from my mama! Who cares if I didn’t inherit her gardening skills? As long as I know the difference between the Kelly Bag and the Birkin Bag, I know I’ll be okay.