Sunglasses: nicole by Nicole Miller; Earrings: Simply Vera Vera Wang; Necklace: Ann Taylor; Dress: Vince Camuto; Handbag: Lauren Ralph Lauren; Pumps: Nine West

It’s easy to find the stressors in life. We all have them, in different forms of course, but no one’s life is perfection. HOWEVER, I choose to find the happy in life. Trust me, it makes it easier.

And before you go thinking I’m talking about the larger things in life, just know that I am talking about the little things. Sure, winning the lottery or being famous or living the “good life” with luxuries surrounding me would be great, but I’m just as happy focusing on the smaller things in life.

What makes me happy? Here’s a few things that come to mind: My family and friends. My boyfriend whom I’m hopelessly in love with. Sunny days. Bright colors. Anything dealing with New York City. My bright blue nail polish. Jokes and sarcasm. Belting out Broadway hits (yes, I can carry a tune)! My shoe and handbag collection. Comedies like The Big Bang Theory, Mom, Modern Family and reruns of Golden Girls and Friends. Getting all dolled up. Going out to a movie and buying nachos with extra cheese. Curling up with a great book. Ice cream. Make up. Anything to do with animals. Watching sunsets and thunderstorms.

I could go on and on.

 So my advice, dear Blog readers, is this: Find the Happy.

It will make your life so much easier and more relaxed and most of all…more fun and enjoyable.