Tee: Rock & Republic; Black and Gold Bracelet: nicole by Nicole Miller; Bangles and Gold Rings: Forever 21; Sunglasses, Clutch and Heels: Simply Vera Vera Wang; Bar Necklace: Old Navy; Cigar Band and Stone Ring: LC Lauren Conrad; Hoops: Unknown (gift); Skirt: Milly for DesigNation

For years and years my professional career revolved around visual merchandising. I loved it. I mean, I LOVED it. To me, it’s an art form. You have a blank canvas (otherwise known as a mannequin) and plenty of options to work with. Most stores have strict guidelines from corporate for what they want the mannequins to wear and look like. Of those stores, a good amount of them will then give you creative freedom to do what you please.

This could mean in the store windows (when I worked at bebe, I had extra windows to play with), walls (there are ALWAYS extra walls to fill in), tables, racks and fitting rooms (the best was at Tilly’s…we had about 15 extra full body mannequins that stood over the fitting rooms…those were my absolute favorite ones to dress).

Some stores like simplicity. A dress and a simple bracelet. Maybe, just MAYBE you could place a handbag on a silver stand beside the mannequin. Others want over the top. Just when you think you have the windows filled up enough, there would be the tiniest white space (blank wall) that you would have to cover. More often than not, that meant shifting the ENTIRE window. And when I say window, I mean a HUGE window. To shift one window could take hours.

I believe it is with this experience (14 years worth) that has helped my own personal style. I like to play around. I don’t ever want to dress boring. I want to have fun with my wardrobe. Sometimes I will choose simplicity. Which is why I chose this beautiful Milly for DesigNation pencil skirt. The look and feel is sleek and simple. However, I then decided to go the other route and be a little over the top. Which brings us to this Rock & Republic Guns N’ Roses tee and plenty of accessories from the jewelry to the clutch to the fierce Simply Vera heels and sunglasses.

This look encompasses my personal style. I love to play with fashion. Why not pair a tee and a pencil skirt? This is one of my favorite pairings (as seen on this blog). I’m also a fan of accessories. The more the better! Even though I’m staring in my own closet at my own wardrobe, I can’t help but bring out the visual merchandiser in me and create a fab new look…with myself as the blank canvas.