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Floppy Hat and Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy; Sweater: Loft Outlet; Necklace, Cigar Ring and Owl Earrings: LC Lauren Conrad; Pumps: Vince Camuto; Bucket Bag: Aldo; Bar and Rhinestone Rings: Forever 21

Taking a cue from a blog post back in August, I decided I wanted to have a fun and carefree blog. As with everyone, I’m sure, my life can get pretty stressful at times, so I needed some time to be silly. I was not looking for that “perfect” background as we bloggers tend to do. I didn’t have some new designer article of clothing to show off, nor did I have a perfect hair day.

For the past couple months, my personal life has taken me away from home and down to Charlotte, North Carolina and while staying at my sister’s house, I was told of this fabulous place (almost magical) that’s only a few minutes from her doorstep called the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

“Perfect!” is exactly what I thought. What better place to have a non-fussy photo shoot (and if there is coffee and chocolate involved, that’s an added bonus) so my photographer boyfriend and I were off!

We pulled up to “chocolate heaven” and were greeted by a fabulous overstuffed bear dressed as a pumpkin sitting on a rocking chair. I knew three things right there:

  1. Obviously he will be in this photo shoot.
  2. They are all set for Halloween.
  3. The fact that they have an oversized teddy bear dressed as a pumpkin can mean one thing and one thing only. The people who run this place are AWESOME.

We walk in and are immediately hit in the face with the smell of luxurious chocolate. They had everything covered in chocolate! Gummy bears (my personal fav), apples, nuts, cherries, pretzels, fruit, you name it! After browsing for what probably seemed an eternity, we placed our order. Other than my black coffee (which was a given), I chose my new best friend. An adorable (he would probably prefer the term “scary”) caramel apple skull.

Our eyes met, and I knew he was the one…to join me in my photo shoot…and then snack on later.

I love Halloween. I love caramel apples. And I love having fun. And who WOULDN’T want to shoot with these guys??