imageOut of all my friends, I’d feel confident enough to say at least HALF of them have some form of nautical décor in their home. It could be my friends in Florida…or off on Long Island. It could be some friends in Pittsburgh or down here in Charlotte, but I guarantee there is a seashell or starfish somewhere in their humble abodes.

I also have nautical décor in my home, but not just because I love the ocean. It’s because it reminds me of my grandfather and my time in Florida since I was a baby.image I grew up in West Virginia (a far cry from a beach), but I believe I was one year old when my grandparents first moved down to St. Petersburg, Florida. So I spent a few weeks every Summer every year down there…and more than my fair share of Thanksgivings and Spring Breaks and let’s not downplay the fact that I lived there for the better part of five years not too long ago.

imageMy grandparents lived on the Gulf. So I was always near the water. We fished off the dock and laid out by the pool while hearing waves crashing, seagulls crying out and having the constant smell of salt water wafting through the air. My grandfather also had a boat. Three, in fact, over the years, but I always remember a blue and white sailboat floating out on the Gulf every time I was there. He would take us out on overnight trips on his sailboat and we would go fishing off the boat and enjoyed watching the porpoises swim beside us. In fact, every time I think of those memories, it almost seems surreal.Home Decor

So needless to say, I was ecstatic when Pier 1 launched their nautical collection this season. I fell in love with these adorable crab pillows that are for indoor/outdoor use. They worked perfectly with my wicker furniture on my porch and let’s be honest, you all know I couldn’t stop there. I also had to buy this adorable white lantern with rope detailing and this seashell encased candle! I love the look of this collection and how it makes me feel. It not only brings (sea) life to my back porch, but also makes me happy with thoughts of nostalgia.