Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole Reaction; Beanie, Necklace, Sweater and Booties: Simply Vera Vera Wang; Suede Leggings: Jennifer Lopez; Cocktail Ring: Juicy Couture

I love to decorate. I am one of those post season Pier 1 shoppers, grabbing my items (that I have stalked previously) at 50 – 70% off. I love anything and everything with glitter. Ornaments, home décor (my favorite is a penguin standing with one foot in a cupcake!), stocking holders, etc. are all bought by me every year, after every season.

Now don’t get me wrong. If I absolutely LOVE an item, I will buy it before it sells out, but I love a great deal on decorations after each season. My boyfriend makes fun of me every time I start to unpack all my decorations, because he says I love unwrapping each item and being surprised by things I have forgotten I’d purchased (it’s true!) and it’s like Christmas morning or my birthday every time.

I also like to be comfortable when I’m running around the house decorating. I love sweaters. Chunky sweaters, thin sweaters, cardigans, you name it – I love it. I am a fan of loose sweaters, those I can move around in easily. I fell in love with a sweater I bought recently at Kohl’s (we all know I love Kohl’s!) and it is from Simply Vera Vera Wang’s newest collection. The sweater has an asymmetrical hem line and is made from linen and rayon. I love the ease, comfort and style of this sweater and I am planning on buying this in a few more colors! I can place my Santas and penguins all around the house or reach close to the top of the tree and place my glittery ornaments about. I can run up and down the steps to each of my themed rooms and carry bundles of items without any constraint.

I find that as long as I’m comfortable (and perhaps a little stylish!), it is easy to concentrate on other important things in life: my glittery Christmas decorations!