Beanie: Forever 21; Moto Jacket: New York & Company; Tank: Mirina Collections; Owl Ring: American Eagle Outfitters; Other Rings: LC Lauren Conrad; Boyfriend Jeans: Gap; Pumps: BCBGeneration

This statement is PERFECT.

And true.

I have so much going on right now (as most people, I’m sure) and even my niece pointed this out. It’s a funny story, actually. My niece, who is 16, called me over to show me a new I-phone case that I need. And what did it say?

“I have more issues than Vogue.”

Now, what’s funny is that I told her I didn’t need that I-phone case, because a few months ago I bought a tank with that exact same statement on it! So we both agreed it was true. And thus, I was inspired to throw it on and shoot this Blog look.

I am currently working on this Blog, not to mention my new Twitter account and trying to keep up with Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and Pinterest. And let’s not forget my collages on Polyvore.  And the fact that I am moving in a month, which means packing. And need we EVEN mention that I am a style blogger? Do you have any idea how long it will take me to pack my closet?!?!

Add on job hunting (my specialty is visual merchandising) and commuting to and from Charlotte every other week to assist my boyfriend in his endeavors. And to top off everything, I woke up this past Sunday with the flu. And after four days, I still feel awful.

So needless to say: I have more issues than Vogue.

I’m sure EVENTUALLY I will get over a few of these issues. Then maybe I’ll just have as many issues as Vogue. I could deal with that.

I mean, come on! As long as I am being compared to Vogue, I’m happy.