Sunnies: Simply Vera Vera Wang; Necklaces, Earrings and Rings: Stella & Dot; Tee: H&M; Moto Jacket: New York & Company; Denim: Express; Booties: Marc Fisher

Have we met before? You look awfully familiar. Or perhaps I am the one who looks familiar?

You may have walked by me in New York City. Or saw me lounging on the beach in Florida. Maybe we went to high school together?

Wait! I remember. We’ve crossed paths a lifetime ago on my old website…

…but that was then and this is now. We’ve grown, I’m sure. Moved on. Moved up. Bought more heels…

Oh wait, that’s me.

I have a new website! And I am so excited to finally share this with you!

Can I be honest here? We’re friends, right? I felt creatively drained. I felt that essentially every blog post was the same format. I have honestly never felt this way before. Deja Vu can be intriguing, no doubt, but it was annoying me. I felt as though I kept experiencing the same thing over and over again.

As a visual merchandiser, it could be damning to your career if you are creatively drained. You have to keep coming up with new ideas and looks and stories to keep the customer interested. And I never felt this drained before, even in all my years of doing merchandising. So when I began to experience Deja Vu in regard to my blog, I knew I had to step back and breathe.

I have never pushed a product I didn’t love. So why do that with my website? I wanted something new and fun. A way to change it up without losing who I am and what I stand for.

So I am here to invite you to check out the new website and the new blog looks! Instead of standing in front of the same background and pose 50 different ways, I decided to walk around Charlotte and enjoy the city and have fun. Isn’t that what life and fashion are all about? Having fun and exploring? I have no time to be too serious. I have enough serious issues in my life and I don’t need any more!

I have a REVIEW section (mainly subscription boxes, but also individual product reviews) for you to check out and also my favorite current season runway looks from the four major cities in my RUNWAY section. Feel free to be inspired by my  HOME DECOR section, which lets you into why I decorate and the stories behind it. You can read all about me and my fashion background in my ABOUT section and feel free to drop me a line with suggestions or comments or whatever you like on my CONTACT page! I love to talk to people…especially about fashion. Let’s not forget my SHOP section, where all you have to do is click the pic of the design you like and you can buy it faster than you can say “Dior.”

So let’s save the experience of Deja Vu for a rainy day…or a class reunion.

My name is Liz. I’m a jeans and tee kind of girl…with a possible coffee and high heel addiction and I welcome you to check out my style blog, reStyled By Liz.

Love the look? Click my Shop link for all the info!