Panama Hat: Gap; Bar Necklace: Old Navy; Chain: LC Lauren Conrad; Dress: Kenneth Cole New York; Bangle: Vintage Coco Chanel; Lace Cuff: Stella & Dot; Sandals: Nine West

Ah, summertime. It’s beautiful. Days are long. It brings everyone out of the winter blues…but it’s hot. Really hot. Hot – Hot – Hot. Who wants to think about denim on days like this? Or anything too tight or form fitting? Not many, I can assure you.

I believe it was pushing 90 degrees when I took these photos the other day. Ugh. I knew I needed to shoot some blog pics, but many of the looks I had in mind for future photos would not have worked in that heat. I opened my closet with determination, hoping and praying I would find something casual and chic and, most importantly, cool.

Turns out, I did! This Kenneth Cole New York dress screamed to me (have you noticed an ongoing theme with me in regard to clothing screaming out to me? I guess clothes just love me, what can I say)? The fabric is light, the fit is loose and it’s such a pretty dress and was PERFECT for the day of the shoot.

I was also going for simple accessories (I couldn’t imagine a statement necklace or even rings on a day that humid) so I pulled out my trusty bar necklace and paired it with my LC Lauren Conrad chain for a light and layered look. My arms felt bare, however; so I went with my vintage Coco Chanel bangle and my new Stella & Dot lace cuff (one of my FAVORITE pieces of jewelry now!!!) and knew I was all set.

And need we even talk about the war between hair and humidity, people? I have extremely thick long blonde hair that when left alone is naturally wavy (and not necessarily always a “pretty” wavy, either) and let’s not forget my new bangs! Yes, that meant it was time to break out the panama hat.

Take THAT humidity!

We all know that I am shoe obsessed – I LOVE my heels but also can rock a flat if I feel like it, but, again, it was close to 90 degrees. So I grabbed my Nine West sandals and was ready to take on the heat.

So the next time you face an unbearably hot summer day, remember these key things:
~ Go loose with the fit
~ Add simple jewelry
~ Hats are always a helpful accessory
~ Grab a chic sandal

…and don’t forget the sunscreen, too!